First Street Compounding FAQs

  What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of preparing and making medications that are not commercially available. This means that we will custom the medications to tailor to the needs of each and every patient.

Compounding used to be the standard of how most patients would get their medication until the 50's and 60's when mass manufacturing took over and became the main provider of medications for most patients. However, compounding has seen a resurgence over the last decade or so due to special needs of patients or the unavailability of commercial medications.

Is Compounding legal or safe?

Yes and Yes. Compounding has been the standard of practice of medicine since its beginning. A patient would visit a physician who will prescribe and order a compound medication. The patient would take that prescription to a compounding pharmacist who will work with the prescriber and patient to ensure that the compounding medication meets the needs of the patient.

Compounding pharmacies are regulated by State Board of Pharmacy, therefore each of them must have a Quality Assurance program in place to ensure potency and safety of each compound. At First Street Compounding Pharmacy, we pride ourselves in making the best and safest compounds for our patients. We start out by purchasing the best chemicals, having the best equipment and also do final product testing for potency and safety. In addition, our pharmacists go to professional seminars, conferences and training to ensure that they are abreast of new techniques, products and clinical knowledge.

Am I a good candidate for compounding medications?

It is up to you and your physician to determine that. Compounding is usually for patients who have tried and failed on commercially available medications. Please discuss this option with your physician and have him/her call us to formulate the best option for you.

Are compounding medications expensive?

Generally speaking, compounding medication pricing is comparable to the commercially available ones. The pricing is based on the cost of the ingredients, equipment and pharmacist compounding time. Therefore, pricing can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy; you do get what you pay for. At First Street Compounding Pharmacy, we price our medications very competitively, but we also make sure that you - the patient - will get the best medications possible by using the purest and best ingredients along with well-trained staff to make those compounds. In addition, our quality control program is costly but will meet and exceed the industry standards.

In summary, you will get a medication that works, and is safe for YOU. It will be worth every penny.

Now you are excited about compounding medications and have more questions, please call us to schedule a FREE 15 minutes face-to-face consultation with our compounding pharmacist! We are waiting for your call!

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